What should I know about translating Amazon A+ Content?

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    If you’re an Amazon seller and you’re not making use of A+ Content, it’s really worth checking out. Amazon reckon A+ Content can boost your sales by between 3-10% on average. But once you’ve got your A+ Content in English, don’t stop there! It could also be working to win you more business in Germany, Japan and any other market you’re targeting. Here are a few key things you need to remember before you start to translate A+ Content.

    Expansion Rates and A+ Content

    Remember that the copy you include on your images could expand by up to 35% in some languages due to expansion rates. Make sure that you allow extra space to accommodate other languages. Remember also that languages like German combine multiple words into compound words which can be VERY long!


    Make sure that your A+ copy is well populated with both your main keywords and longtail keywords for each language. Although text embedded within images won’t be picked up by Amazon’s search algorithm, remember that these keywords are what your customer is searching for and seeing them throughout the product description helps to keep them engaged. Keywords should be stored in your Termbase to ensure translation teams are prompted to use them during the translation process.

    Focus first on your Best Sellers

    Creating high quality A+ Content takes a lot of effort, and translating that content is an additional cost. Make sure you’re investing your time and money where it’s going to give the best commercial results first.

    Adapt content for your Target Market

    Remember that when you created your original A+ content you were thinking about a specific customer in a specific market. When translating your content you need to consider whether that content is also relevant and appropriate for your customer in a different market. The benefit that might be the “clincher” in one market may be completely irrelevant in another! Consider whether Transcreation is worth exploring for your products and target markets.

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