So your English website is now up and running. You are now ready to take your website multilingual but are unsure what next steps to take. Despite there being a multitude of CMS that can be purchased right off the shelf, not all CMS are by default multilingual enabled.

You want a language specialist that can work directly with your IT personnel to assess your systems readiness so that their translation process smoothly integrates with your workflows. You want project managers to liaise with your IT teams to learn about the features of your CMS to ensure full import and export capability, and to advise them of the typical language and cultural issues that might come up.

The translations tools used by most agencies use today rely on the export and export feature of CMS’s in order to consistently translate texts and leverage previous translations, not to mention the savings from reusing previously approved translations and avoiding the time consuming and risky copy & paste of texts. CMS export and import capability is probably the most important feature required in a CMS if we are to go multilingual.

But in saying that, it is worth noting that this may just be the tip of the iceberg, and that there is much more than meets the eye. Have you taken into account shipping rates? Will you offer backend support & customer service specifically for the language or country? Will you be managing inventory and keep new sections up-to-date? Is there a SEO who can manage the onsite optimization?  Have you already purchased domains for the target countries?

So now you know what you need you can contact us and we can recommend how to best prepare for going multilingual with your website, flag any potential language and cultural issues that could have an impact on the translated content, and advise you on what target languages you could include.