Multilingual SEO Plugin

If you are using an SEO tool like Yoast, All in One SEO or Rank Math, you already know the essentials of SEO best practices. You understand the importance of aligning your web content with metadata such as SEO titles and meta descriptions. We know how challenging this can be when you are only optimizing for one language, so trying to design and implement an international SEO strategy can seem like an impossible task. Our SEO Plugin is designed to simplify this essential job.

Introducing the PureFluent Multilingual SEO Plugin

Our Multilingual SEO Plugin makes localizing your SEO metadata easy.

It works alongside other plugins like Yoast, allowing the automated extraction of focus key phrases, SEO titles, meta descriptions and image alt texts.

Our translation teams are then able to translate your SEO metadata, complying with character restrictions where appropriate and keeping a close eye on your focus key phrases.

Multi-lingual SEO
Multi-lingual SEO

Translating web content and metadata together

It’s hard for your translation team to maintain focus on your key phrases when you run separate projects for web content and metadata.

Our plugins and connectors for WordPress, TYPO3, Umbraco and other CMS work alongside our Multilingual SEO Plugin to allow translation teams to translate web content and metadata within a single project.

This makes it easier to stay focused on key phrases while keeping the natural and engaging flow of the translated texts.

Reaching the visitors you want

Our SEO Plugin is a component within our integrated Multilingual SEO solution, helping you convert high-quality translated content into the traffic you want on your website.

Used in conjunction with our Multilingual Keyword Research and Keyword Management tool, the SEO Plugin helps you reach your audience and maximize the impact of your translation budget.

Multi-lingual SEO


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