Automatic Website Translation

Automatic Website Translation helps you reach your customers faster.

Managing multilingual content in your CMS can be a real headache. It ties up your team exporting and importing content, and results in slower time to market. Our Automatic Website Translation connectors make translation quick and simple.

When you integrate your CMS with PureFluent using one of our pre-built connectors, we can automatically collect new content for translation on a schedule which you control, but requiring no effort from your team to export new content or import translations. Once we receive new content from your CMS we translate it using human translation, machine translation or a hybrid approach depending on your requirements.

PureFluent has more than 20 pre-built Automatic Website Translation connectors with well-known platforms including WordPress, Sitecore and TYPO3. We also have REST APIs which allow us to connect to almost any content source to collect content and deliver completed translations. You can also translate your SEO Titles and Metadescriptions using our Multilingual SEO Plugin. Combine with Translation Memory and Machine Translation solutions to complete your translation automation strategy.

This approach substantially reduces the demands placed on your team, speeds up time to market and eliminates human errors during the import/export process. An alternative approach is called Translation Proxy which requires no integration and is suitable for simple static websites.

Whichever route you choose, automatic website translation helps you get you reach your audience faster; speeds up market and product launches; and reduces the burden on your marketing and IT teams. Although it can take a little effort to get things up and running at the start, our technical team are here to help you through every step.

Automatic website translation



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