Client Review

Allow your in-country team to participate in the translation process with our online Client Review tool.

Sometimes you need to bring your in-country team into the translation process, especially when dealing with critical creative or technical texts which require internal approval or final editing. Trying to do this using desktop tools like Microsoft Word means that any changes are not captured in your Translation Memory or Termbase. Client Review is the answer.

Our online Client Review process allows your team to participate in the translation process alongside the professional translation team ensuring that any changes made are captured in your Translation Memory and Termbase. This also speeds up the process for your team by automatically propagating changes that they make to other instances of the same content.

Our online process also provides a transparent view of the progress of your in-country team so you know who has completed their work and who you might need to chase!

Your client reviewers may be employees or in-country partners, and they can provide an insider’s perspective which can enhance the work of the professional translation team. This could include knowledge of your products or customers, company-specific terminology, as well as an understanding of your company culture and the tone of voice which you are trying to achieve. Changes made during the client review process don’t necessarily mean that the original translation was wrong, but they should enhance the translation to make it more effective.

Client Review vs In-house Translation

You may conclude that adding another step to the translation process slows you down. If so, another option to consider is in-house translation. If this is your choice, we can support you with our easy to use In-house Translation solution.



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