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Optimise your translation budget and make sure you’re understood by a wider audience.




Take control of your translation process with a unified global platform.


Automate multilingual content workflows to make sure your message reaches your global audience.

Smarter strategies to optimise your translation budget

Translation budgets struggle to keep up with the explosion of digital content. We help you design the most effective multilingual content strategy to reach your customers. The combination of cutting edge technology and skilled professional translators maximises the impact of your translation budget.

Technology to automate multilingual content workflows across your channels

Managing multilingual content is complex. PureFluent integrates with your content sources, detecting new content and delivering completed translations directly into your CMS, Helpdesk or other content repository. This fully automated workflow streamlines processes and accelerates time to market.

A unified platform to organise your global content process

With so many internal and external stakeholders involved in the translation process, it’s critical to have a disciplined approach. Our cloud platform brings your processes and team under one roof for maximum transparency and efficiency.

Our vision is to enable a completely frictionless translation process

We’re breaking down the barriers that stand in the way of a truly global digital experience. Our approach – we call it Optimise, Automate, Organise – helps your budget go further, speeds up the content publishing cycle, and gets your content in front of a wider audience.


PureFluent introduces the first Translation Subscription Service – WordStore

PureFluent have just launched a range of translation subscription services. This week, Tim and Ian talk about the thinking behind the new service and how it works.

Pentland Brands talk about their drive to provide shoppers with a great experience on Amazon

Pentland Brands talk about what they’re doing to make sure iconic brands like Speedo and Berghaus hit the mark with their customers on Amazon.

How should customers assess translation quality?

Assessing the quality of a translation is tricky, especially if you don’t speak the language! We take a look at some of the best practices to ensure that your translations deliver against your objectives.

Do translations drive ecommerce results even when customers speak some English?

When you’re selling into a market or demographic which speaks decent English, you may be tempted not to translate. In this week’s blog we show how that could be a mistake if you want to maximise customer engagement.

Is English ok for my customers?

Translation can be expensive, so it’s understandable people ask, is English ok for my customers? This week we explore which markets need translations.

Should you add subtitles or voiceover to your video content?

Video is rocket fuel for your online marketing, but are you translating your video content? We discuss subtitling vs voiceover and some of the reasons you should consider translating.

How is the gig economy debate affecting the translation business?

The Gig Economy is rarely out of the news these days, and this week we take a look at how this hot topic relates to the translation sector.

How will Brexit affect the translation industry?

After another month of dramatic developments, this week we discuss the potential impact of Brexit on the translation industry. How will the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union affect customers and suppliers in the sector?

Is the subscription model coming to the translation industry?

In this blog entry we’re considering the benefits of paying for translation services as a monthly subscription fee versus the traditional per word basis.

When does it make sense for a company to do translations in-house?

This time we’re discussing the criteria a business can use to determine if having the capacity and resources to do translations in-house makes good sense.

"We are impressed with PureFluent’s incredibly professional approach and the quality of their translations. They offer a fast and reliable service and usually deliver before the agreed deadline despite very tight timings."

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