Translation Proxy

Translation Proxy is the fastest way to get simple websites translated

If you’re struggling to maintain your content in a multilingual CMS, we feel your pain. It’s a constantly moving target, and as your content grows, so does the problem.

The good news is, help has arrived, and it’s called Translation Proxy. The proxy service places a “proxy” layer between your website and your users.

The user’s language browser preference is automatically selected, and your original content is translated in real time using your existing Translation Memories. If you have in-house translators, you can combine the proxy solution with our In-house Translation solution.

Translation Proxy works best for simple static websites and allows you to go multilingual faster than any other option. However, for more complex websites you should consider CMS integration which works better with customer portals and PIMS. For example, if your site contains different content for local markets, you may find that a conventional multilingual CMS such as Drupal or PIMS such as Salsify gives you more flexibility.

Translation proxy


PureFluent Website Translation Proxy

We recognise that creating and managing a multilingual website can be difficult but it is very important to update content and keep branding consistent on a global scale.  The beauty of the proxy service is that it once you’ve updated content on your primary website, it will effortlessly update your multilingual sites. You can even notify the proxy service to ignore specific content; this might be useful where you have a strapline or branded phrase that should only ever be conveyed in the primary language.

How our Website Translation Proxy Service will benefit your business

  • Offer a very quick way to translate multilingual websites versus traditional methods
  • Minimal IT involvement because there is no software or hardware to install
  • You can leverage your main site’s interactive functionality


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