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Selling internationally?

if you’re selling into international markets multilingual  search engine optimisation is crucial to gaining brand recognition and hitting your sales targets.

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Translating your website isn’t enough. Too many organisations fail to implement a scalable Multilingual SEO strategy and so miss out on a prominent position in Google search results The PureFluent Multilingual SEO solution brings together skilled localisation teams with a smart technology platform to make the process scalable, no matter how broad your ambitions may be.

Multilingual SEO basics: choose the right keywords

Simply translating your existing keywords might not give you the results you want.

Our multilingual keyword research process makes sure you’re tuning into your target audience in each market and factors in competition as well as search volumes.

Multilingual SEO

Why is this important?

While it is easy to translate a list of search terms from your local language those terms might not be what customers in an overseas market search for.

Researching keywords in an overseas market is essential to gaining exposure to your audience.

Why is this important?

While it is easy to translate a list of search terms from your local language those terms might not be what customers in an overseas market search for.

Researching keywords in an overseas market is essential to gaining exposure to your audience.

Get organised for International SEO: Multilingual Keyword Management

Developing and maintaining your bank of keywords and long tail keywords for each market is the foundation of successful international SEO.

Our specialised SEO Termbase ensures that translation teams are prompted to use your target keywords in all the right places.

The importance of keyword consistency

Establishing your database of SEO keywords up-front allows them to be leveraged throughout the translation process. Translators will use high value keywords, integrating them into your web content and back-end SEO metadata. This database is also used to optimise your video content and increase search exposure.


The translation portal keeps the SEO process on track

Translation teams use our translation portal to localise your content. The integrated keyword database keeps SEO at the heart of every translation.

Make it easier: CMS Integration

Our plugins and connectors for CMSs like WordPress, TYPO3 and Joomla! work alongside tools like Yoast, allowing you to extract web content alongside SEO metadata for translation.

This makes the whole process quick and efficient.

What does this mean for you?

No more copy/paste of your content and translations! We pull content straight from your website CMS and publish it in a new language automatically.

Multilingual SEO needs the right translation team

Localising content for SEO success needs the right team.

The team needs to understand the importance of maintaining focus on your keywords and be confident adapting the translation to incorporate keywords, without over-optimising your content.

More than just a translator

To ensure international SEO success you need someone who is more than just a translator. They need to understand SEO and how to combine the context of the content, with the keywords and the definitions of SEO metadata.

Multilingual SEO

Translate metadata and web content at the same time

The translation team need to be able to translate your web content alongside SEO metadata like the SEO Title, metadescription and Image Alt Text.

This makes it easy to maintain focus on your keywords and maximises your chances of a prominent position on the Google Search results page.

Build search optimisation into your media

The same translation team will work on your non-text media, ensuring that your international SEO rankings are as high as possible in every market.

Multilingual SEO

Video helps SEO too!

While video may have a huge impact on customer conversion, localised subtitles are indexed by Google providing a further boost to your SEO.

Don’t forget video!

Finally, if you have relevant video content, adding translated, optimised subtitles can give a powerful boost to your Multilingual SEO performance.

Talk to us about our specialist localised video subtitling and optimisation service.

A Scalable Multilingual SEO Process

Our multiglingual SEO solution ensures your website and multimedia content is translated to deliver the highest search ranking possible for your products and services.

Keyword Research

Build a database of multilingual search terms to use throughout your content and SEO process

Multilingual SEO

Ensure you reach your international audience with search engine optimisation for local language.

Multilingual SEO

PureFluent Translation Portal

Get your team and your global content organised with access to our industry-leading translation portal.

Multilingual SEO

Terminology management

Managing approved terminology to ensure consistency across your multilingual content estate.

Multilingual SEO

Translation Services

Professional translation services with SEO skills, managed by a Project Management team.

Multilingual SEO

Video Subtitling

Ensuring your video is right for your target audience, fits your brand and helps customers find you online.

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