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Great service from lovely people

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Technology to make translation easier

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Translation solutions for training

Translate your training and e-learning materials, for internal and customer learning.

Multinational companies expect employees to work together as a team using standard processes across the business.

Language has been identified as a significant barrier to learning (as identified in this report from the Center to Protect Workers Rights and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the USA) so multilingual training courses are required to deliver a consistent process and quality fully.

Translating training materials into the local language for course attendees is essential to ensuring that the attendees can walk away from a course having the expected level of knowledge. With the increasing use of e-learning, outsourced training and online training portals, translating course material can require the translation of many types of media. At PureFluent, we can translate your entire training material library, so you can train staff worldwide in the knowledge that every person will take be learning as much as they can.


PowerPoint presentations are the backbone of classroom-led training courses. Whether the course is for the induction of new employees or the introduction of advanced technologies, PowerPoint gives a trainer an effective way to communicate and illustrate ideas to the class.
Providing courses in local language won’t just require the use of a local language trainer, but also the use of professionally translated presentations and any other course material. Our translators won’t just provide a word for word translation but can also transcreate the courseware so that the attendees will understand any references or examples used.

Printed course materials

Classroom-based courses will often use printed material such as worksheets during the course and offer takeaway copies of the presentation material used. Translating these documents helps the attendees retain the knowledge they learn during the course and makes it much easier for them to refer back to these later on.We can import and work with the original language source documents from your course, producing translated course materials that can be used to fully support attendees learning.

Video media

Video can be much more engaging than a fully presentation based training, and can be used to illustrate complex ideas or to break up a longer course section. We can transcribe, translate, and then subtitle or dub your video content, so that it is suitable for use in a course in any language. Our terminology management systems ensure consistent translation of industry specific and brand identity terminology throughout your course media.


E-learning content may include a mix of text and media content, static and interactive content across various formats.  We can translate the source files for your e-training modules in native file formats, reducing the time you spend reassembling your course and making it available to attendees. Using the same translation team to work on all the text and media documents for your entire project ensures a consistent translation every time.

Training Portal

Your translation portal allows attendees to manage their training courses. These online tools guide users through the list of available courses, record the attendance of different courses, store the results of any assessments and allow the user and potentially their managers to access an overview of these. Our translation team can translate the strings files from your portal, providing a simple roadmap to localising it. Our own development team have provided some top tips on how to translate your customer portal.

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From multilingual keyword research to metadata translation our multilingual SEO services get your site found.

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Technology backed translators? Machine translation? Transcreation? Which is the best solution for you? We develop optimised strategies for your translations.


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