Translation Automation accelerates your time to market.

Working across multiple content platforms can be hard work, and when you add your requirement for multiple language versions, it can seem overwhelming. Translation automation is the answer, and you can make a start by connecting directly to our translation platform. PureFluent connectors and APIs allow you to connect your CMS, LMS, Code Repository or Authoring system to our translation platform. This means new content can be automatically extracted for translation and redelivered once the translation process is complete. The benefit for you is much faster time to market, and reduced workload for your already stretched team.

PureFluent has REST APIs to connect to any content respository as well as pre-built connectors for platforms like WordPress, Sitecore, Salesforce and Adobe Experience Manager.


Translation Automation

Send new content for translation automatically

PureFluent CMS connectors do the hard work for you, automatically detecting new content for translation. You can configure which content is sent for translation and which is left untranslated, but once you’ve got this step in place you can significantly speed up the translation process and ensure that you don’t leave content unintentionally untranslated.

Import translations automatically

With a fully integrated solution, translations are automatically delivered back to your CMS or other content respository. You can configure whether translations are published automatically or saved as draft content, but this step in your automation process saves time and eliminates human error copying and pasting translations.

Set Your Workflow Automatically

Your translation strategy defines what you want to translate and how you will achieve the translation. The workflow sets out the steps required for each type of content, and with our fully integrated solution the right workflow is automatically set for each translation project, saving you time and guaranteeing consistency.

Set Your Team Roles Automatically

Once you have defined your workflows, we can automatically assign the right people to each translation project. Whether it’s external translators, DTP Engineers or internal reviewers, we take the hard work out of the process by automatically assigning the required steps to the right people.

Translation Automation Workflows

Implementing an automated translation workflow depends on your existing content repositories and publication cyles. To find out more about some of the most used services, click on any of the boxes below.

Terminology Management

Managed approved terminology and ensure consistency across your global content estate.

CMS Integration

Automatically collect new content for translation on a schedule which you control.

DMS Integration

Order and organise translations direct from online document stores like SharePoint, Box and Dropbox.

Social Media Management

Talk directly to an engaged audience across multiple channels, in their local language, effortlessly.

Machine Translation

Use machine translation for fast content localisation in quick-changing channels such as blogs and social media.

Translation Proxy

Turn your monolingual website multilingual without the fuss using our translation proxy solution.

Translation Services

Professional translation services managed by our customer-focused Project Management team.

Translation Memory

Reduce costs and time to market using our translation memory solution, utilising existing high-quality phrase translations.

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