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Great service from lovely people

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Technology to make translation easier

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Translation solutions for marketing

Outstanding translation services for marketers who need to put a rocket under their global marketing campaigns.

Taking your marketing campaign multi-national takes more than just a literal translation. Simply translating your message word for word can lose your core message. The message you are using or maybe irrelevant or even offensive to the culture within the country you are targetting.

Localising your content so that it delivers the impact you need to grow your business in every country but remaining consistent with your tone and brand takes far more than simple translation. Using a single translation agency across every language and channel and the use of translation memory, termbases and terminology management ensure that your content will remain true to your original message regardless of what it is and what you translate it into.

Our experience and breadth of talent, combined with the latest translation technology, ensure that your campaigns work worldwide.

Email campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are one of the key tools in a marketing toolkit. It is a highly effective channel to attract, engage, and connect with an audience to drive sales and revenue. Your brand’s ability to communicate with its customers and personalise your message based on customer intent is critical. To truly engage your international customer base, you need to communicate with them in their local language, so translating your email content is essential. Our translators can translate your entire email campaign. Our integrations with marketing tools such as Market and Hubspot make it easy to manage the translation process.


Your website is probably your most important marketing channel. Translating your website is important not only for delivering content to your existing customers but for increasing brand awareness and generating sales with new customers. Building and implementing a Multilingual SEO strategy will bring international visitors to your site using each language you have translated the website into. We can translate your website into any language using a range of methods appropriate to your requirements, including automatically pulling new content from your website into our translation portal and then pushing the translated content live automatically.

Social media

What started with Facebook and Twitter has increased into a multitude of new social channels that business uses daily to reach customers. Social Media is all about engagement, and failure to talk to your potential customers in their language in these channels is a huge missed opportunity. Multilingual keyword research is vital for SEO. Similarly, it is essential to research and utilise hashtags in each language and use them across unique social channels dedicated to that language. Our professional social media translations ensure your brand is presented appropriately.

Press releases

If you use press releases as part of your public relations strategy to reach international customers, you should translate them. A press release typically announces a significant event such as a product launch or expansion into new territories. It will potentially attract customers, business partners, and investors, so professional translators should translate it to ensure maximum reach and reaction.


Apps are becoming an increasingly common part of marketing campaigns. While your website provides a means for customers to discover your brand and view your latest message, an app gives you the ability to push that message straight to the device in their hands. Personalising your message to the customer and the territory they are in ensures your marketing can stay relevant to the individual, but that means it needs to be accessible in their language. Our translation teams can support your app launch, ensuring you have it translated into every language you are targetting.


Delivering presentations is a daily activity in business to business sales. Whether you are creating presentations to support internal international sales teams or overseas distribution partners, you should communicate with the customer in their language wherever possible. Typically business presentations are high value, long term content, so using professional translation is a must. Using termbases to support translators ensures consistency across every presentation and brand consistency.

Brochures & printed materials

Physical marketing materials such as brochures, on-premises displays, banners, and event displays are expensive to produce and have their content fixed for an extended period, so you need to make sure they have been translated right the first time. It can also be challenging to work with the designs for these documents in different languages. Our Multilingual DTP teams can translate your source documents directly, ensuring your layout is maintained while the translation is in process.


Whether you advertise through social media ads, pay-per-click search ads, billboards, newspapers, broadcast placements or in-store retail promotions, you are raising the visibility and awareness of your products to new customers. Advertising comes with a high cost, so you need to ensure you can achieve a good return on investment in every country you are advertising. Translating your advertising copy is essential to making sure your ads generate business. We translate your advertising copy across every medium from print to video so that you can roll out your campaign globally.

Video media

Research shows that customer engagement with video marketing far outperforms static photo and text marketing. While the video for traditional TV advertising will usually need dubbing, your customers will probably watch online video without sound, so the translation method will be different depending on where you intend to use it. We can transcribe, translate, and then subtitle or dub your video content, ensuring it works for whichever channel you intend to use.

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