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Get your team and your global content organised with access to our industry-leading translation portal

Organising a few translations into a few languages is simple enough, but when your content keeps growing and your markets keep expanding, you need a different approach. The PureFluent Translation Portal brings all of your translation activities together online, accessible by any authorised user anywhere in your organisation. The Portal gives all team members a transparent view of current and prior translation projects, and ensures that everyone benefits from your Translation Memory and Termbase, driving consistency, faster time to market and lower costs.

The Translation Portal allows all your users to keep Translation projects organised in folders, share projects with other members of the same department and manage translation queries by assigning them to an appropriate colleague. Users also gain a completely transparent view of the progress of each project and the team working on each project.

Our Translation Portal is also a window into the translation process for your in-country teams who need to carry out a Client Review, or who are acting as in-house translators. The Portal provides your finance and purchasing colleagues with a completely transparent view of costs together with analysis of spend by time period, department and language. Admin users can set up new users and departments to keep invoicing organised, and ensure that confidential content is only accessible to authorised users.




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