SEO Localisation

SEO Localisation helps your customers find you in your target markets

If Search is a key element in your online marketing strategy, you are already spending time and money on SEO in your home market. You probably have a sophisticated approach which involves analysis of the most effective keywords, together with a website strategy which maximises the visibility of these keywords to search engines. Implementing a successful international SEO strategy means going beyond translation and into localisation. The translation team needs to understand the purpose of your content and its intended audience in order to integrate your target keywords into the translation. This is a task that requires experience and the confidence to go beyond a straight translation, especially when translating your SEO Title and Meta-description. Our specialist SEO Localisation teams will make sure the keywords you are targetting show up in all the right places.

You also need to tie together your keywords with the content translation process in order to reach your audience in each target market. Our SEO Localisation service is a component within our integrated Multilingual SEO solution.

Used in conjunction with our Multilingual Keyword Research service and Keyword Management tool, our SEO Localisation service helps you reach your audience and maximise the impact of your translation budget. You can also maximise the efficiency of your translation workflows with our range of CMS connectors and plugins, including our Multilingual SEO plugin.


PureFluent SEO Localisation Service

SEO Localisation


Many companies offer SEO services in your home language but fewer offer a specialist SEO Localisation service. There are often several correct ways to translate a term, but what are consumers searching for in your target market? Your translations have to match what your customers are looking for, and failure to realise this basic concept could mean that you don’t even figure at the start of the buying process.

To help visitors and search engines know which country and language group you want to do business with, we can:

  • Translate your content and research alternative terms which match your products and services in each market
  • Recommend the most appropriate terms to optimise your content for each market
  • Build your optimised terms into your Termbase to ensure that these terms are used consistently during the translation process
  • Ensure your website benefits from basic SEO best practice such as “hreflang” tags

How our SEO Services will benefit your business

  • Effective SEO Localisation enhances your translation ROI
  • Effective Multilingual SEO allows your business to maintain brand consistency worldwide while keeping in tune with local cultures
  • Our specific expertise in Multilingual SEO allows us to help you increase your customer base in a sustainable and sensitive manner


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