Optimise your multilingual content and translation strategy to reach a wider audience

90% of data on the internet has been created since 2016 and translation budgets simply can’t keep up with this pace of growth. But the choice is not whether to translate or not. Instead, you need to take a strategic approach to your content, work within your budget constraints and decide which content is most important to your audience. Does it demand high quality human translation? Does it have a shorter time to live and may be suitable for machine translation, such as rolling social media content? Getting the right translation strategy in place answers these questions.

PureFluent helps you to develop and implement an optimised translation strategy. This means combining a variety of approaches to match the importance of the content and your overall budget constraints. Take a look at some examples below.

Smarter Translation Strategy

Not all content is created equal. By carrying out a complete evaluation of your content we can help you decide what requires maximum attention from skilled professional translators and transcreators, and what content may be suitable for machine translation, either with or without human editing. Taking this nuanced approach to translation allows you to maximise the impact of a limited translation budget.

Transcreation or Translation?

Content with a long “time to live” and in the most prominent locations – think of your homepage for instance – needs professional human translation. The question is whether to translate or transcreate. Partly this is a question of budget (transcreation costs more), but first consider whether your content will be suitable after translation for your target market. It may need some adaptation to take into account cultural references, humour or taste. If so you need to set aside a bit more of your budget for transcreation. If not, human translation with the right guidance around terminology and context will do just fine.

Is Machine Translation an option?

If you’re thinking you’ll never settle for Machine Translation, that’s fine if you have a big budget. In practice the explosion of online content means that Machine Translation is a key component of most translation strategies. Most customers would prefer an “OK” machine translation to something they can’t understand. Some content is better suited to machine translation than others – think of technical documentation for instance. User generated content is likely to be of variable quality in the first place so there is little point in trying to recreate poor quality content in “full quality” in your target languages. Customers want to know the basics in this case – did the reviewer like it? Machine Translation is your best bet for this content.

What about Social Media?

Most social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Instagram now do a decent job of providing an integrated machine translation solution. But social media is all about engagement, and that means providing content which feels right in your target market, and being able to respond to consumers in that market in their language. Our Machine Translation with Human Editing solution, together with PureFluent platform integration, will allow you to take that engagement outside your home market.

How about SEO? Print?

There are a lot of different scenarios that probably apply to your business. Consider International SEO for instance, maybe you’ve thought about translating your keywords. To have a successful search strategy in your target markets, you also need to consider local keyword research as an integral part of your wider translation strategy. And if you get involved with print materials like packaging, merchandising or brochures you also need to take into account a finite physical print area. These are all challenges that we can help you weave into a smarter translation strategy.

An Optimised Translation Strategy

Developing an overarching translation strategy which is right for your business means using the right combination of skills and technology. To find out more about some of the most used services, click on any of the boxes below.


Recreating or adapting your content for a different market.

Multilingual SEO

Search engine optimisation for local language.

Multilingual DTP

Desktop publishing optimised for local language publication.

Video Subtitling

Ensuring your video is right for your target audience and fits your brand.

Translation Services

Professional translation services managed by Project Management team.

Machine Translation

Use machine translation for fast content localisation in quick-changing channels.

Terminology management

Managing approved terminology to ensure consistency across your multilingual content estate.

Translation Memory

Reduce costs and time to market using our translation memory solution, utilising existing high-quality phrase translations.

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