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Take your social media global to maximise audience engagement in each of your target markets

The explosion of online content is being driven by social media. What started with Facebook and Twitter has proliferated into a multitude of channels such as WeChat and Instagram. And if your brand has a B2B focus you are probably pushing content out through LinkedIn or Xing. Social Media is all about engagement and failure to talk to your potential customers in their own language in these channels is a missed opportunity. If you think it’s worth engaging your customers in the U.K. on Instagram, why not your customers in Germany?

PureFluent’s Multilingual Social Media Management solution integrates with popular social media management platforms like Marketo or HubSpot expand your customer engagement into new markets. In combination with our Machine Translation with post-editing solution this makes it possible to run multiple social media channels in multiple languages without breaking the budget or recruiting a new team to manage the process.

If you have great Youtube content, why not open it up to a wider audience via translated subtitles or closed captions? You could also look at voiceover or dubbing for your highest value video content. Check out our Multilingual Video Subtitling solution to find out more.


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