Multilingual DTP

Translate your brochures faster with our Multilingual DTP Service

If you work with desktop publishing formats like InDesign and Publisher, you probably know that translating content in these formats is about more than just ordering a translation. You need to worry about translation expansion rates, line breaks and fonts, all in a language you don’t speak.

Our Multilingual DTP service takes away the headache and combines the expertise of professional DTP Engineers and professional translators. Together they ensure that your content is delivered back to you looking and reading the way you want it to in each target market. Your page layout is maintained so that each translated version looks the source file. However, our DTP specialists may recommend minor adaptations to the layout in order to accommodate expansion rates or other actors such as right-to-left (RTL) languages like Arabic.

You may want to combine this service with our Client Review service to allow your in-country team to review content before printing. You can also combine it with our DMS Integration solution so that your files are automatically exported for translation without the need to send and receive large files via email.

Multilingual DTP Service



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