Organise your translation process for faster turnaround and lower costs

Multilingual workflows often involve a project team spread over multiple locations and time zones. If you don’t organise your translation process, key tasks can be delayed or missed. Another potential issue is a failure to manage translation assets properly which can lead to content being translated more than once. The result is often delays to publication of critical content and unncessary costs. 

The PureFluent Translation Portal brings together all of the people, assets and tasks required to make a success of your translation strategy. By providing visibility of the progress of each project, everyone in your team knows what they have to do and when. This also guarantees that all your projects follow best practice and both benefit from, and contribute to your Translation Memory.

All your assets in one place

Our Translation Portal brings all your multilingual assets together into one place, securely backed up and accessible from anywhere in the cloud. This means you’ll always be able to find everything you’ve ever had translated, and any content which is repeated in future translations can be translated automatically saving you time and money. You can even organise your content by department or operating division, as well as using online folders.

Organised Team, Disciplined Translation Process

Your multilingual content process is likely to involve dozens of professionals inside and outside your organisation. Whatever the individual’s role, our Translation Portal brings all these processes under one roof providing a live view of all your projects.

In-House Translation & Review

If you use in-house or in-country teams as part of the translation process, it’s important to make their input efficient whether they are reviewing translations prior to publication or participating as translators. Our Translation Platform provides access to the tools used by professional translators such as Translation Memory and Terminology Databases, ensuring that the efforts of your in-house team are reusable by other translators and saving up to 50% time to complete in many retail content scenarios. Our platform allows you to seamlessly blend in-house and external translation resources in line with your chosen translation strategy.

Actionable Insights

Our Translation Portal is the hub of your translation process. It provides a wealth of data which can be used by Finance, Purchasing, Marketing and E-Commerce teams. It provides you with a comprehensive view of how you’re spending your translation budget allowing you to track far more easily your translation ROI and make adjustments where required.

Organising Your Translation Process

Organising your team and processes for an efficent translation process means using the right tools and services. To find out more about some of the most used services, click on any of the boxes below.

Translation Services

Professional translation services managed by our customer-focused Project Management team.

In-house Translation,

Professional translation services managed by our customer-focused Project Management team.

PureFluent Translation Portal

Get your team and your global content organised with access to our industry-leading translation portal.


The process of recreating or adapting your content for suitability in a different market.

Client Review

Incorporate the skills of your  in-country team to participate in the translation process with our Client Review portal.

Terminology Management

Managed approved terminology and ensure consistency across your global content estate.

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