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Great service from lovely people

Expert advice you can trust

Technology to make translation easier

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Translation solutions for video games companies

From market surveys to customer support, translation plays a part across your business.

The video game industry is truly global. Game developers, publishers and customers are located worldwide. Online marketplaces such as the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Steam, Playstation Network and others provide worldwide visibility for new games.

Making a game available on a global marketplace doesn’t mean that it is suited for international customers. Players worldwide are looking for their next game, but part of the appeal of a game is the ability to immerse yourself in it. Not being able to understand the language of the game certainly detracts from that appeal.

Our translation services enable you to develop and market games in any language, delivering games and apps that users will love worldwide.

Game descriptions

The description of a game is critical to the sales of a game, whether it is for an online marketplace or physical packaging. Translating your game description and optimising it for SEO, so that is found in online marketplaces can hugely affect the success of a game. Translating the description of the game and any accompanying videos will have a direct impact on international sales.

In-game dialogue

In-game dialogue is an essential component of any game. Poorly translated dialogue impacts the player’s experience and will lead to bad online reviews.

We translate in-game dialogue with a specific view to ensuring that the tone of the translation matches that of the original so that the gamers experience is matched in any language.

In-game menus

Translating the user interface for a game is essential to the playability of a game and the user experience for the player. We can provide translations for your games menus, tutorials and in-game documentation. Our experience with translating software and customer portals means we can offer advice with translation-related issues such as dealing with text expansion in your interface.

User reviews

Customers use online reviews to influence their buying decisions daily for everything from food to hotels to video games. Translating user reviews can increase the uptake of your game in international markets as buyer confidence in the product increases based on more significant numbers of reviews available to them.


Our marketing translation services cover everything from online content to email newsletters to social media to press releases. To reach your international audience, it’s important that your marketing campaigns are not only translated but that they resonate with your audience in their local language.

Staying on message while still respecting cultural differences is key to communicating your brand and generating excitement within the user base. We use transcreators and termbases to ensure your messaging is relevant to the audience while still staying on brand.

Social media

What started with Facebook and Twitter has increased into a multitude of new social channels that gamers use daily to talk about the latest games. Social Media is all about engagement, and failure to talk to your potential customers in their language in these channels is a huge missed opportunity. Our professional social media translations ensure your brand is presented appropriately.

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From multilingual keyword research to metadata translation our multilingual SEO services get your site found.

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Technology backed translators? Machine translation? Transcreation? Which is the best solution for you? We develop optimised strategies for your translations.


Accelerate your time to market with translation automation.  Connect your business processes with our translation platform to reduce translation time.

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