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    Page Title

    Your page title is the single most important component to ensure that your page shows up in Google search results, and of course that applies equally to your translated pages.

    Your translated page titles should:

    • Include your target keywords
    • Be 57 characters or less (to ensure your title isn’t truncated on the results page)
    • Be descriptive and appealing to your target audience

    Hopefully you’ve already followed these guidelines for your original page, and the important thing is to make sure that the translated page name follows the same principles.


    Page URL

    The URL of your translated page does affect your ranking, so it needs to contain your target keywords for that market. The general consensus is that keyword stuffing in your page title doesn’t help ranking, and you’re better off with a concise, descriptive translated URL which contains your main target keywords.


    Meta Descriptions

    Meta descriptions to not affect your page rank, but they do affect your CTR (Click Through Rate). This is the text that shows up underneath your Page Title on the search results page, and if it is appealing to your target customers they are more likely to click on your page. Aside from the fact that this is of course what you’re trying to achieve, it also helps indirectly because it indicates to Google that your page is relevant.

    • Don’t stuff your meta descriptions full of keywords, but remember you are trying to tune into what your customer is searching for
    • Make your meta description compelling, you’ve got fractions of a second to grab your customer’s attention and persuade them yours is the right page to click through to
    • As with your page title, you have limited space and longer meta descriptions will be truncated – so you should try and keep them within 156 characters, but also make sure that space doesn’t go to waste!

    Getting your meta descriptions translated is really important, because this is what your customer is going to see. If you don’t do this, Google will provide their best guess at the meta description taking the content on your page, but this is a lottery. If you’ve gone to the trouble of creating a translated page, getting it professionally translated, and ensuring it shows up in search results, you also need to make sure your customer clicks through to your page.



    Any images you’re using should use the “Alt Text” field to help reinforce the message that your page is relevant to your customer’s search. You should upload a version of the image with a translated title and a translated “Alt Text”.

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